Web Design~Development

Web development is strictly connected to web design and viceversa. This is the key for building a more functional and effective website.

Content Management Integration

Adding new content to your website is made easy nowadays thanks to CMS like Wordpress, whose administration panel is very intuitive and user friendly.

Mobile Adaptation

As mobile devices are the real gate to massive approach to Internet, your website cannot go without its responsive companion for a more accessible experience.

Let the world know

Making a website is just a first step for showing your activity to the world. Next step is spreading it, through social networks, adwords, SEO and all the resources available for your marketing.

Hello! I am Silvana Donato.
Graduated as Electronic Engineer, I have immediately started my career as analyst-programmer, developing PC applications mainly aimed to management systems (VB6, C++ Builder, Java Applets).

In 2004, I passed to web development and mastered many of the web technologies, like PHP, HTML, CSS3, JavaScript, Databases, WordPress and other CMSs. Recently, I returned back to my first love of application development and so I attended a course and a stage in Java and Java Web Development (J2EE).

PHP • jQuery • HTML • CSS • WordPress • Java

I am currently employed

in a company

Every activity or enterprise needs a different approach to the public, every website must have its own personality, its way of communication, while using the most common tools of development that allow easy management and that are widely supported and equipped with many useful functionalities.


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