The obstacle of mind in learning

published on March 22, 2015 in Articlesone comment
One of the main obstacles in our learning is offered by our own mind. This is the main difference between the learning of a child and the learning of an adult. When we talk of an adult we generally mean someone over 40, but in many cases even over 30 (or even younger!). As an adult starts learning something new, the first approach to the new is to put a mental barrier between himself and the new subject. He could think “This is too difficult to me” or “Why do I have to learn this thing?” or many other thoughts come up that arise this barrier. So, one important... read more »

Physical exercise for geeks: the dough

published on April 27, 2014 in Articlesno comments
Physical exercise for geeks: the dough One important aspect that we cannot neglect is that long periods at the computer can create us physical problems. How many of you have experienced muscle ache of your right/left hand? This comes obviously because we keep our hands in the same position for long time and making the same movements. Of course, those who join gym everyday have probably solved the problem. But those who cannot do that, need to find handy solutions in the day by day life. So, I am here to suggest one handy and yummy solution: a very good way to exercise your hand + to fill your stomach with hand-made food! The idea... read more »

Funny Collection 1

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Funny Collection 1 ... read more »

Quick healthy apple-cake cooked with pan

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Quick healthy apple-cake cooked with pan One of the best thing is to have a good and healthy snack to enjoy between coding and slicing. But as it always takes so long preparing, oven cooking and washing, one prefers to buy ready snacks. So, as I have found an easy quick recipe to cook a delicious apple cake, I want to share it with you all. Oil and yogurt (instead of butter) will make the cake lighter. Preparing our own food is much much better rather than buying ready food, because we do not know how many preservatives and chemicals are in them, things that can compromise our health and so also our concentration and efficiency. ... read more »

My name is Khan

published on August 22, 2012 in Articlesno comments
My name is Khan A movie is not just a story, it is a combination of pictures, of emotions, of sounds and music, it is an atmosphere that crosses the boundaries of the screen to pervade the audience. This movie is perfectly combining all these elements and is masterly handling a delicate subject as that of racial intolerance and social hatred. The question rises spontaneously: How is possible that a thing like religion that is supposed to unite the human beings with God is capable to create hatred and divisions among the people? This is a question that probably many of you have asked to yourselves at least... read more »


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Keith Life can be a challenge, a big challenge, especially when you have built everything in such a stainless way and suddenly an odd accident flashes into it and impresses your eyes in a way that you cannot see anything else. This is the case of Natalie, a young student, who is completely dedicated to her studies to realize her ambition. She appears so determined and steady in her ideas and positivism that she could not imagine that anything could ripple the still waters of her self-confidence… until, one day, someone decided to be the oddness. Keith, one of her schoolmates, asked to their... read more »