Personal/Pro Bono Projects

Yoga x Bambini

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This is a website that helps children to learn Yoga in a simple way and offer them a nice story of a child that, like them, wants to learn Yoga. read more

Wikipedia and other projects

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In my free time, I have usually dedicated to humanitarian work, making myself available with my professional experience. I have also supported other projects like Wikipedia the Free Encyclopedic. read more

Benvenuti in Paradiso


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"Benvenuti in Paradiso" (Welcome to Paradise) is a collective blog whose aim is to show the beauty of our inner Self and of the world. It started in the far 2009, when WordPress started booming in Italy. read more

Sahaja Yoga Bihar

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Working again at international level, after London, I have also moved to India, where I have spent an overall of ten delightful months. So, I have given support for spreading Sahaja Yoga there on live events (in spite of teh language difficulties) and on line with a website dedicate to the Bihar community.

Center for Evolutionary Learning

Joomla, WordPress

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"Center for Evolutionary Learning" is a project dedicated to the improvement of individuals so that they can generate enlightened decisions, practices and initiatives within their organizations. This is a no-profit organization that is mainly working abroad and in Northern Italy. Courses are provided to companies/organizations/institutions workers at any level. read more

Yoga Eventi

MySql, PHP, WordPress

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Yoga Eventi is an event oriented website, that was meant for spreading the events organized by the Sahaja Yoga community: musical events, dance events, seminars, conferences, participation to fairs (Yoga Festival, Oriental Festival and many others not merely connected with yoga), etc. read more

Sahaja Yoga London


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Sahaja Yoga London website is an event oriented website, with a easy-to-use editing interface. read more