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Progetto21 Health Center

CSS, HTML, WordPress

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Progetto 21 is a new born Holistic Center, of which i have worked on the website, trying to give an easy and straightforward approach for everybody. read more

WordPress Silva Themes

CSS, HTML, jQuery, PHP, WordPress

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A new personal project is about to be launched: a service of WordPress professional and beautiful themes. We will have both: free and premium version. read more

Noema Sider


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Noema Sider is a new innovative system that optimizes your projects in iron, showing you, in real time, the availability and cost of iron. The project can be saved in our management system so that it can be viewed at any time. read more

Squeo Mobile Gadget

Responsive, WordPress

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SQueo™ is a water-resistant, dust and sand proof, Bluetooth speaker handset. This gadget has been designed and realized by an Italian team, who have found support for their project on kickstarter.com. read more

Musicoterapia Illuminata

E-commerce, WordPress

Musicoterapia Illuminata promotes the activity of a professional Music Therapy team who are operating in Italy. In addition to seminars they are periodically organizing, they have produced Practical Digital Guides that they are selling on this website too. read more

Yoga Facile

CSS, HTML, jQuery, PHP, WordPress

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Sahaja Yoga Benessere is my first project developed in Wordpress. I have completely developed it from the design to the content editing. read more

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Yoga x Bambini

CSS, WordPress

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This is a website that helps children to learn Yoga in a simple way and offer them a nice story of a child that, like them, wants to learn Yoga. read more

Wikipedia and other projects

Video, Wiki

In my free time, I have usually dedicated to humanitarian work, making myself available with my professional experience. I have also supported other projects like Wikipedia the Free Encyclopedic. read more

Benvenuti in Paradiso


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"Benvenuti in Paradiso" (Welcome to Paradise) is a collective blog whose aim is to show the beauty of our inner Self and of the world. It started in the far 2009, when WordPress started booming in Italy. read more

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Agile, Angular2, AngularJs, Git, Npm

Since the 4th of July 2015, I am living a fantastic work experience in Accenture. I am currently Web Developer Analyst and I have been involved in many interesting projects..

TSI Consulting

Hibernate, J2EE, Java, Struts

In the early of 2009, I attended a course of J2EE, Java for Web Applications organized by the TSI Consulting in Rome, and brilliantly passed the exam. I was convinced that Java Web Development was one of the best tools for building solid and high level applications. After the course, I also participated to a stage.

Bright Lemon in London


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In London I have also worked for Bright Lemon Web Agency. There I had the first approach with CMS, Content Management Systems and Commerce Management Systems, like Drupal and OS-commerce. Using these tools did not make me very much enthusiastic at first, as they were quite slow due to the template system that was mainly relying on Database resources. Still I was very positive at the idea to use CMS, maybe improved versions, that allowed an easy development, customization and user friendly management.