Quick healthy apple-cake cooked with pan

published on April 9, 2014 in Articlesno comments
Quick healthy apple-cake cooked with pan One of the best thing is to have a good and healthy snack to enjoy between coding and slicing. But as it always takes so long preparing, oven cooking and washing, one prefers to buy ready snacks. So, as I have found an easy quick recipe to cook a delicious apple cake, I want to share it with you all. Oil and yogurt (instead of butter) will make the cake lighter. Preparing our own food is much much better rather than buying ready food, because we do not know how many preservatives and chemicals are in them, things that can compromise our health and so also our concentration and efficiency. ... read more »

Quick delicious pasta for busy designers

published on August 19, 2012 in Tips and Tricksno comments
Quick delicious pasta for busy designers There are some moments when deadlines are so tight that do not grant us a break for a snack, surely unimaginable for a meal. So let’s see how to prepare a delicious and quick dish with spaghetti and an incredibly easy sauce. Ingredients: Spaghetti (in the picture you can see spelt pasta, but you can use common wheat pasta) Olive Oil (possibly Extra vergine) Parmesan Lemon Salt Preparation: Put some water in a pot and add some salt (quantity depending on the quantity of water). When the water boil, add the spaghetti and let them cook as long as indicated on the wrapper (usually around 10... read more »

Treatment for kitchen burns

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Treatment for kitchen burns Has anybody ever wondered how to prevent our skin from becoming red or blistered after getting burn? Let’s suppose you are preparing a delicious sauce, you are so happy and cannot wait to taste it on your pasta. But, ouch!, accidentally some drops of your sauce, or of hot oil or hot water have splashed on your hand. Or let’s suppose that you have touched the hot pot… it is not only a painful thing, but after few instances the affected part will become red and then a blister will nicely blow there. Of course you do not want to spoil your happiness because of that unfortunate... read more »