My name is Khan

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My name is Khan A movie is not just a story, it is a combination of pictures, of emotions, of sounds and music, it is an atmosphere that crosses the boundaries of the screen to pervade the audience. This movie is perfectly combining all these elements and is masterly handling a delicate subject as that of racial intolerance and social hatred. The question rises spontaneously: How is possible that a thing like religion that is supposed to unite the human beings with God is capable to create hatred and divisions among the people? This is a question that probably many of you have asked to yourselves at least... read more »


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Keith Life can be a challenge, a big challenge, especially when you have built everything in such a stainless way and suddenly an odd accident flashes into it and impresses your eyes in a way that you cannot see anything else. This is the case of Natalie, a young student, who is completely dedicated to her studies to realize her ambition. She appears so determined and steady in her ideas and positivism that she could not imagine that anything could ripple the still waters of her self-confidence… until, one day, someone decided to be the oddness. Keith, one of her schoolmates, asked to their... read more »