The obstacle of mind in learning

published on March 22, 2015 in Articlesone comment

One of the main obstacles in our learning is offered by our own mind.

This is the main difference between the learning of a child and the learning of an adult. When we talk of an adult we generally mean someone over 40, but in many cases even over 30 (or even younger!).
As an adult starts learning something new, the first approach to the new is to put a mental barrier between himself and the new subject. He could think “This is too difficult to me” or “Why do I have to learn this thing?” or many other thoughts come up that arise this barrier.

So, one important step for a fast learning is to pull down the barrier of thoughts that steps in between us and the subject to learn. We should be completely transparent and open to receive.

Of course, after years of adopting this attitude of mental reaction, returning back is difficult. We need to find a method that trains us so that we can get our mind clear and ready.
The most simple solution is meditation, a method defined as “thoughtless awareness meditation“. In the past meditation was meant as a process of concentration on something or thinking positive or similar things; but the real state given by meditation is a clearing of mind, so that mind becomes alert and also ready to welcome new information.

Meditation is not something that we do, but an inner state that everybody can achieve after practice. There is a method (that we can define as effortless) that allows us to get into meditative state very easily and is called Sahaja Yoga.
Yoga is an ancient discipline that, so far, has been known in Western countries only by its more superficial (physical) approach, but that can actually represent a very valid method for our betterment.


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  1. Neeru Sharma says:

    Sahaja yoga meditation is indeed a very effective method to overcome obstacles to human beings evolution to more refined state. Many people all over the world have experienced it and have benefitted from it.

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